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The Wallpaper History Society

Founded in 1986, the Wallpaper History Society provides a unique forum for wallcoverings enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Society, which is a registered charity, celebrates the history, design and social relevance of historic and contemporary wallcoverings and promotes both their study and that of the many trades and professions associated with them. If you are interested in wallcoverings – paper or otherwise – and their contribution to our economic and cultural lives, this is the Society for you!

The Society has three aims:

  • To encourage research and disseminate information about all aspects of the design, production and consumption of wallpapers and wallcoverings.
  • To foster an awareness of the importance of preserving historic decoration.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and a point of contact for the different groups interested in these issues.

Its journal, The Wallpaper History Review is published triennially. In addition, members receive an annual full-colour Newsletter, which provides information about recent discoveries, new publications and relevant events. The Society organises events, including study days, visits to historic houses and archives, occasional conferences and awards an annual research bursary, The Merryl Huxtable Prize

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The Wallpaper History Society Complaints Procedure

Current Members

Already a WHS member and wondering why you haven’t heard from us?

Whilst we make every effort to contact all members, if you have changed your contact details and forgotten to tell us we will not be able to keep in touch. It is very important to keep us up-to-date, especially with your email address, as this is our primary method of communication.

Please contact us via this site's contact page to check whether we have your up-to-date details or to let us know of any changes in these, and to make sure you hear about our events and activities.

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