The Society’s journal, The Wallpaper History Review is published triennially. In addition, members receive an annual full-colour Newsletter, which provides information about recent discoveries, new publications and relevant events.   New members receive the current issue of both the Newsletter and the Society’s journal, The Wallpaper History Review   The Society also offers for sale back issues of the Review still in print and other relevant publications at special prices.

Publications for sale 

  • Walls Are Talking: Wallpaper, Art and Culture by Gill Saunders, with essays by Christine Woods, Dominique Heyse-Moore & Trevor Keeble,

The Whitworth Art Gallery/KWS, 2010 @ £20.00 plus p&p

  • The Backstory of WALLPAPER: Paper-Hangings 1650–1750

Robert M.Kelly, Lee, Mass. USA, 2013 @ £16.50 plus p&p

  • The Wallpaper History Review back issues are available! 1993/4, 1995, & 1996/7 (illust. b/w), 2001 (part colour), 2008 (full colour) all at £10.00 per copy plus p&p. Sorry, the 2004/5 issue is out of print. The full colour, current issue (2011/12) can be supplied at @ £20.00 per copy plus p&p.

WHS Newsletter Spring 2013 coverNewsletter

Members receive an 8-12 page, full-colour, Newsletter annually. The Newsletter includes information about forthcoming events and exhibitions, short reviews of books and events, and contributions of topical interest, such as new wallpaper discoveries and forthcoming publications. It also features the winners of the Society’s awards.

Wallpaper History Review

coverAll members receive the Society’s fully illustrated, international journal, The Wallpaper History Review, which is issued every three years and is unique in the field. Comprising 100 pages, it features information about public and private collections, reviews of books, exhibitions and other events and publishes essays and articles relating to all aspects of the subject, both historic and contemporary. It welcomes contributions from members and non-members and is an important work of both enjoyment and reference. Its wide remit enables dissemination of information for which there is no other outlet.

Most of the publications will be available for sale at WHS organised events. See events calendar for details.
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