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Our History: The first 25 years

In 1986, when The Wallpaper History Society was founded, the study of wallcoverings was seen as rather esoteric subject, of interest only to specialist researchers and enthusiasts. But in the mid-1980s, articles on period decoration began to feature regularly in journals and magazines and it became clear that a much larger audience had developed an interest in the subject. Even so, information about, for example, the manufacture, design and location of historic and contemporary patterns could still be hard to obtain. The Wallpaper History Society was founded to help answer questions of this kind by developing both a network of sources and ways in which information could be made accessible.

During its first 25 years the Society has provided information on all aspects of wallpaper design, production and consumption to a wide-ranging international audience and has encouraged research through its bursary, publications, conferences and other events. In particular, it has contributed to the raising of awareness of the importance of preserving period decorations and the pivotal role of specialist wallpaper conservators.

As a result wallpaper and other wallcoverings are now accepted as subjects for legitimate study, both in their own right and as integral components of our social, economic and cultural lives.

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