2018 Bursary recipient: Jenny Walker

Samples in Jenny Walker’s Studio

Original Sanitary Wallpaper

Fire Station interior

Mid-century officer, illustration by Jacob Phillips

Illustration by Jacob Phillips












The London Road Project

Jenny Walker was the recipient of the Merryl Huxtable prize in 2018; her application to the Merryl Huxtable prize was a proposal to work with the redevelopment of the London Road Fire Station in Manchester.

The London Road Fire Station is an iconic building that has been on the Heritage at Risk Register since 1998, until plans for its redevelopment by its owners, Allied London, were approved in 2017.

Since winning the bursary Jenny Walker has been researching the history of the building and has created an archive of over 550 wallpaper samples which span the building’s life. Investigation of these wallcoverings has revealed previously unknown details about the building and has helped to confirm many aspects of the original décor schemes, bringing the building’s past history to life.

The Wallpaper History Society bursary contributed to numerous projects involving local residents and art students, as well as a collaborative portrait project with photographer Gavin Parry and Illustrator Jacob Phillips.

Jenny expressed thanks to the Society for their interest and support, and said that ‘knowing the WHS believed this to be a valid project has been a real motivator’!

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