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Welcome to the Wallpaper History Society website. The WHS celebrates the history, design and conservation of historic and contemporary wallcoverings and provides a unique network through which professionals, manufacturers and enthusiasts can share knowledge, inspiration and enjoyment of wallpaper at all levels. 

The WHS is a registered charity and is committed to supporting and promoting interest in all aspects of wallpaper and wallcoverings including their history, design and making. We do this through our website, membership, events and the publication of our journal The Wallpaper History Society Review. 

Membership is open to everyone. Whether you are interested in pattern, social history, interior design or conservation, simply click on the link below or visit our Join Us page to see our membership options.  We look forward to welcoming you to the fascinating and creative world of wallpaper design and history.

We are always interested to hear about wallpaper discoveries during house renovations, and to share the expertise of our volunteers, many of whom work with historic wallcoverings. This often generates lively discussion on Instagram. To help support our work in this area, please consider becoming a member of the Society or giving a donation via PayPal – simply use the buttons below and right

The Wallpaper History Society is run by volunteers and depends on subscriptions and donations to fund its charitable work. If you like what we do, but don’t wish to be a member, why not make a donation?

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Wallpaper has not always had the attention it deserves. It generally occupies the background rather than the foreground of our lives, but in doing so it can reveal a lot about who we are or who we would like to be. The history of wallpaper is the story of fashion and taste, industry and technology, class and identity, and trade and empire. 



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The Wallpaper History Society is a charity, based in the United Kingdom

For further information about the Society, contact:

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