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Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of the personal information of our members is extremely important to us. Here we explain how we use your personal data, which is principally to maintain contact and ensure members are kept up to date with the events and activities of the Society. We will never sell the data we keep to a third party.


What information do we hold about our members?

We hold the name, address, telephone number(s), email, and years as a member of the Society. For some members we keep details of their wallpaper interests, such as business-related or research-related.


Where do we obtain these details?

They are supplied by individual members when they join the Society, or during membership of the Society.


Who do we shared the data with?

We do not share members’ details with anyone outside the WHS except with agreement from members, such as for security reasons when visiting a venue.


Why is the data held?

We need to keep member details to fulfil our side of the Society’s obligations and satisfy membership needs, including sharing information about publications, notification of events, and collecting subscriptions.


How do we intend to use it?

As above, to satisfy membership needs, including publications, notification of events, and collecting subscriptions.


What procedures are in place to detect, report and investigate data breach?

The data is collated by the Membership Secretary and copies held by the Secretary, Treasurer and Chair. Old copies of the spreadsheet are deleted as they are replaced by the updated version. Other copies of the database may be held by committee members to allow the administration of individual events or postings. These additional copies will be deleted one month (or sooner) after the event. Committee members will not pass copies to anyone outside the committee and it is their individual responsibility to comply with, and understand, the GDPR.

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