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Watch the BBC's 'The Fabric of Britain'

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Museums & Collections


Victoria & Albert Museum

Whitworth Art Gallery

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture

National Trust for England, Wales & N Ireland

The Museum of The Home

Strawberry Hill

English Heritage


Outside the UK

Bibliothèque Forney, Paris, France

MAK Museum for Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Musee de papier peint Rixheim, France

Cooper Hewitt, New York, USA

Historic New England, USA

Museums of History New South Wales, Caroline Simpson Library. Australia


Conservators who specialise in historic wallpapers can be found listed on The Conservation Register administered by The Institute of Conservation:

Companies offering reproduction and bespoke wallpaper

The Wallpaper History Society regularly receives enquiries regarding companies that make reproduction or bespoke wallpaper, or work in related areas. The companies listed below all advertise services related to the industry.

These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the Wallpaper History Society.

Anstey Wallpaper Company

Offering surface, surflex, rotary screen, flexographic, gravure, digital, long table, flat-screen, vacuum screen and hand block-printing. Based in Loughborough, England.


Bruce Fine Papers

A leading manufacturer of traditional quality-made block-printed wallpapers, Bruce Fine Papers is a small Lincolnshire based family-run business established in 1994.


Cole & Son

The Cole & Son Bespoke Service offers an opportunity to create a personal and unique wallpaper. Suitable for those who wish to have their favourite current design in a particular colour or those who want to delve into the formidable Cole & Son archive to commission a reproduction of an historic design.

Croxford and Saunders

Specialising in decorative design, trompe l’oeil, faux wood (woodgraining), faux marble (marbling), orientalist painting, grotesqueries, chinoiseries, singeries, arabesques and canvas artworks.

Hamilton Weston Wallpapers Ltd

Established in 1981 by interior designer Georgina Hamilton and architectural historian Robert Weston, and producing reproduction Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian wallpapers for historic homes, elegant restorations of treasured buildings and period film, TV and theatre sets.

Hugh Dunford Wood

Exclusive handmade wallpapers, meticulously cut by the artist into lino blocks, either in relief or intaglio and printed by hand with pigments to create a wide range of contemporary colour combinations.


Marthe Armitage

Artisanal design company, producing exclusive, hand-printed wallpapers and coordinating screen-printed fabrics from handmade linocuts.

Timorous Beasties

Surreal and provocative design studio creating a diverse range of own products, collaborations and unique design projects internationally.


Outside the UK


Adelphi Paper Hangings (Sharon Springs, New York, USA)

Owned and operated by Chris Ohrstrom and Steve Larson, Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC is a small, artisanal producer of historically accurate block printed wallpapers for museums and historic institutions, as well as for period designers and those involved in contemporary design projects.


Atelier D’Offard (Tours, France)

Combining traditional handicrafts with modern tools and processes to create hand blocked wallpaper designs from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Handtryckta Tapeter (Långholmen, Stockholm, Sweden)

Small family business started in 1980 and hand printing historical wallpapers from fragments and pictures using block printing, stencilling and silkscreen printing.


Lim & Handtryck (Sweden)

Manufacturing wallpaper in the same manner as during the 18th and 19th century, using distemper to create completely washable wallpaper without the use of a synthetic binding agent and top liner.

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