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Read about the research by recipients of the 2023 bursary

Detail of R6011/3 Chinese wallpaper, Brighton & Hove Museums Collection. Photo by Amy Junker Heslip.

This year's Merryl Huxtable bursary has been awarded to two recipients, Justyna Medon and Amy Junker Heslip. Find out about their individual research projects.

Read about Justyna Medon

Read about Amy Junker Heslip


 Timorous Beasties is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most successful contemporary wallpaper designers and makers. WHS was thrilled to be invited by the company to visit their studio and HQ in Glasgow in September.


Daniel Heath by Alun Callender.jpg

I first met wallpaper maker Daniel Heath when a friend treated me a workshop at his studio in East London. We were introduced to the importance of pattern repeat and had a go with the screens to print our own wallpaper. I’ve been fascinated by his magical, other-worldly designs ever since so it was a real pleasure to interview him...Read more

A glimpse into the homes of yesteryear in Gran Canaria


Dianne Lawrence discovers wallcoverings exposed after

demolition in a historic part of Gran Canaria...Read more

A wallpaper discovery that is inspiring an artist


When artist Nicole Tilley realised that wallpapers
discovered in a farmhouse were being removed in favour of the original stone walls, she quickly set about retrieving as many examples as possible, discovering a range of papers dating over many years ... 
Read more 

Book review - Wallpaper: a History of Style and Trends

Book Wallpaper.JPG

An easy way to describe this book is as a veritable thing of beauty. Of course, this is to be expected of a publication which focuses on the themes of style and trends in wallpapers....Read more

Chinese Export Wallpaper at Jekyll Island's Mistletoe Cottage

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 07.40.51.png

Read about this fascinating project taking place at Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA 

Part One

Part Two

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