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Artists and Makers: Timorous Beasties

'Marble Gum' wallpaper in original colourway by Timorous Beasties

Founded in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties design and manufacturing embodies one of the most outstanding modern collections of surface pattern. Their unique skill at transforming the commonplace, and often brutal beauty of the Natural world, into a profoundly rich diversity of pattern and repeat has firmly established their place in design history.

From the outset, while establishing their own peculiar universe of pattern, Timorous Beasties transformed and redefined classic motifs – damask, toile, Rococo, silhouette – to create what has been successively heralded as modern cult classics: Thistle, Cerebral Marble, London Toile, Merian Palm to name but a few. And today, their collections and bespoke designs adorn and furnish both residential and commercial spaces, from interiors to exteriors, using a broad range of techniques and materials: hand-printed and digital wallpapers and fabrics; vinyl, lighting, rugs, ceramics, lace, concrete, stone and metal. Indeed, their work is not just prolific; it has defined an aesthetic era.'

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