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Artists and makers: Josephine Munsey

Josephine Munsey is a textile designer. She launched her first designs after a series of lockdowns in the UK meant plenty of time spent in her studio, in Stroud. She has worked for Cole & Son and Designer's Guild where she learnt about different methods of wallpaper and fabric printing. Jo felt it was time to begin designing under her own name.


Ideas for her designs come from years of personal sketchbooks – a huge stack of images and sketches. Reference and inspiration has come from exhibitions, travelling, her mother's collection of ferns, and the woods surrounding her studio.


All the designs begin with a simple sketch of the repeat, in pencil or fine line pen. Then a small section of the design is painted in colour, as a trial. Once a trial is successful the whole design is drawn or painted. Josephine always likes to paint in repeat, to keep this practice alive. It is only at the end of the creative process that the artwork is scanned and checked on a computer. Computer aided design allows her to create different colourways for each design.


Josephine offers a custom service which allows you to pick the colour and scale of your wallpaper to suit your project.

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