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Savannah Nuit Le Presse Papier

Artists and makers: Le Presse Papier

Le Presse Papier sits at the heart of the historic design district of Lyons, famous for its silk production. Our workshop continues the legacy of the many designers of the past who welcomed an international clientele through their doors.

Le Presse Papier comprises five talented designers from the textile industry who have worked with both traditional local ateliers in the Croix Rousse district as well as Parisian haute couture and interior design houses.


Each of our collections is first designed by hand in either pencil, gouache or watercolour and then printed digitally. We draw our inspiration from historic decorative arts, revive designs from the past and create original work for our clients. Some of our designs are included in the permanent collection of the Musée du Papier Peint Français.


Our designs are stories told through a wealth of details. Animals, plants, poetical and lyrical motifs lead the eye through an imaginative landscape which wraps the viewer in a world of beauty. We hope our designs will pique your curiosity and enchant your senses.


Our workshops have been awarded the Imprim’Vert stamp. We use PVC-free recyclable paper and solvent-free inks, and our cutting is designed to minimise waste.

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