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Artists and makers: Studio Le Cocq

Studio Le Cocq was established in 2020 by Steph Le Cocq.  She returned to the UK after working for commercial and high-end fashion brands globally, and turned her mind to the world of interiors. She moved back to Somerset where she found a wealth of solace and inspiration and reconnected to the countryside she knew as a child. This allowed her to embrace a slower pace of life and find focus in creative work. Steph, who launched her first wallpaper collection 'British Biophilia' in 2024, lovingly hand-draws and paints patterns, influenced by historical textiles such as the 18th-century chintz motifs of William Kilburn or the hidden stories of a Toile de Jouy. She partners with British manufacturers to produce beautiful, quality wallpaper and fabrics that bring a little magic indoors through the power of pattern.

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