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Exhibition at The William Morris Society Explores the Art of Wallpaper

Display of The Art of Wallpaper exhibition

A new exhibition at The William Morris Society in Hammersmith explores the visually rich art of wallpaper. On loan from Sanderson Design Group, The Art of Wallpaper: Morris & Co. in Context runs until 11th August. The exhibition features a range of beautiful wallpapers from Sanderson's own archive, which are rarely on public display, to chart the development of wallpaper design in the 19th century and its remaining legacy today.

'Hammersmith' wallpaper, William Morris,1890, Jeffrey and Co. for Morris and Co.

The Art of Wallpaper features many beautiful wallpapers designed by William Morris and explores his design legacy and influence on later designers. Early 19th century French wallpapers are contextualised with Islamic inspired designs of the reform movement prompting Morris's own response and contribution to interior design trends of the time.  

 'Flowers and Rococo Scrolls' wallpaper, c. 1850, William Woollams and Co.

Originally curated by Mary Schoeser for Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, this crowd pleasing, visually rich exhibition looks at the work of William Morris in a new light, placing his wallpaper designs within the context of the radical changes in taste witnessed during the Victorian era. Morris's distinctive patterning is set against a backdrop of the fanciful, naturalistic patterns that typified the fashionable English and French papers of his youth.

The Art of Wallpaper runs until 11 August 2024

In the Coach House, Kelmscott House, 26 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9TA

Open Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 2 – 5pm.

All images courtesy of the William Morris Society


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