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The Life of Wallpapers

View of Venice, French wallpaper ca. 1840. Mary B. Jackson Fund. RISD Museum, Providence, RI

Get your diaries out! The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) museum is planning an exciting new wallpaper exhibition for 2025. Thanks to curator Emily Banas for sending us this information.

The Life of Wallpapers

The Huard Collection at the RISD Museum

January 11 - June 29, 2025

Museum Galleries


This exhibition offers new insights into the design, printing, and use of French wallpapers, borders, fragments, and design drawings. These rare samples are drawn from a remarkable collection of French wallpaper that was assembled by French artist Charles Huard (1874–1965) and his wife, American writer Frances Wilson Huard (1885–1969), now in the care of the RISD Museum. More than 100 examples reveal the creative process and extraordinary technical skills involved in producing French wallpaper in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, presenting an invaluable design resource for artists today. 

Curated by Emily Banas, associate curator of decorative arts and design.


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